Easy To Install - The Modern Mirrors are easy to install and hangs horizontal Or vertical as you need! All mounting hardware and detailed instruction are included. Carefully read the assembly instruction please contact us in case of any problem High density "U" shaped styrofoam is used to package the mirror. We ensure that no breakage occurs during transportation.

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  • Gorgeous  Mirror: This mirror is the ideal choice for a vanity,living room,entry room and bathroom. The Aliminium  metal frame adds elegance and class. The polished mirror is presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, and solid MDF backing prevents corrosion in humid environments, make it perfect for bathroom.


    Expressive  Mirror: An artistic display on its own, this mirror is a beautiful part of any home decorating scheme. Bring simple sophistication to any space with our 24" and 30"mirror with floating glass and modern metal frame. The plate glass mirror floats in the frame surrounded by a thin 1.70" gap.